Church is still on, just different.

Things are changing and so are we.

Hi there C3 Family


- Well, we didn't think we would get to this, but hey let's roll with it; this Sunday morning we will be streaming from our house! The good thing is that within our household we have singers, a musician, a pastor and a preacher! We even have a dog and a certain English man who we are trying to fit into the program somewhere ;) Our family has been having fun discussing what we could do and are really looking forward to doing something totally different and can't wait to welcome you into our home.

- We will be hitting your screens on Youtube at 9am Sunday morning. Visit our Youtube Channel here HERE (and don't forget to subscribe while there).



Good Friday:

- We have pre-recorded our Good Friday service and it will be accessible 9am on Good Friday on our Youtube Channel HERE

- It's totally different from our last few weeks and involves Ps Shaun, Alicia Leis and Kyle Perry doing a Bible study around "the journey to the cross" and taking communion together. 

- Have some bread and juice ready for you and your family to participate in communion with us!

Easter Sunday:

- This service is going to be different again! Also pre-recorded, Ps Shaun is going to be preaching alongside 5 incredible pieces of artwork by Michael Henderson looking at Jesus' crucifixion. We also have some great worship songs to remember and celebrate what Jesus did for us.

- It will be accessible 9am on Easter Sunday on our Youtube Channel HERE



- This week, our office has shifted to everyone working from home. The office itself is closed but the work of the midweek team is still happening all across our beautiful city. You can contact us at as per usual.

- We have also decided to close our cafe for this season. We are looking forward to reopening our doors as soon as we can.



- Youth Online is on again this week at Friday 7pm! 

- Parents of youth will be texted the link to join in via zoom. 

- If you do not receive this link email and he will sort you out



- For families with little kids, don't forget to spend time with your kids and work through the C3 Kids resources that we posted out to you.   

- Join the worksheets with the C3 Kids online video resources that our C3 Sydney Kids have put together on the topic 'Back to Basics' - all about The Word, Church and Prayer. 

- You can go to our website or and there is a link on our home page that has the new video's every week.



- We totally understand that many individuals and indeed families are experiencing ever-increasing financial changes, and this can be a very stressful time. We want to encourage you to seek God in your giving, sow where you can, be responsible and faith-filled, and mostly be prayerful. God turned a small meal into a feast for thousands and as a church, we are continuing to be generous in our own giving and helping people see God through our generosity.

- We have many online options for giving, visit for details


See you at our place this Sunday ;)

Pastors Shaun and Mirella