Next Steps


Ready to delve deeper?

The Christian life is not just about what we are saved from but what we are being saved to. God wants to see us develop, mature, and be transformed. This is central and ongoing in our lives as believers. We also believe that you are chosen, loved, called, and that God created each one of us for a specific purpose to which he will equip us.

Next Steps Course

Our Next Steps Course takes each person through our Growth Path and is the first step in learning about how we grow. This course is designed to help you find your place within our church and assist in making it your spiritual home, all the while discovering the unique call that God has placed on your life. Click on the link below for more information and the dates the course will be run.

Further Learning

We also encourage everyone to delve deeper in their faith, always seeking to learn more, and experience the fullness that God has for them. This means growing in God through personal prayer and Bible reading, and also taking practical steps such as doing Bible College, or attending various courses that we have at different times. Follow the link below to see details of your options.