When the Holy Spirit prompts you, respond.....

Perhaps you've just watched a service online and you've got this urge to respond, something you just heard is really resonating deep inside, that's the Holy Spirit, it's telling you to take that next step.

Making a commitment to Jesus is a big deal, it's also a simple and life changing one.

Below is a prayer, you can read this out loud right now, this is a commitment between you and Jesus that you want to turn away from a life without Him and start a new life, an exciting life as a believer in Jesus.

Freedom from the guilt of sin, making a decision for Jesus is truly life changing.


"Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins, and rising from the dead to give me life.

I repent of my sin and turn to you.

Today I choose to follow you with all of my heart, for the rest of my life.

I believe in you and declare that you are the leader and Lord of my life!

thank you for forgiving me and walking with me from this moment forward?


After you've prayed this prayer we encourage you to let us know as we'd like to pray with you, we also have some resources that we'd like you to have.

So fill in this form, we have a team who is available for 60 minutes after the end of each service to phone you and pray with you. Feel free to reach out at any time though also ;)

Need prayer?

When we listen to a message or even participate in worship, the Holy Spirit is at work in our hearts. Right now you might feel like you could really do with someone praying for you, to walk along side you. This is great and we would love to pray for you. It doesn't matter what's on your heart, bring it to God, let a fellow Christian pray with you and experience God's love.

Below is a form, fill this in and choose the options that best suit your situation then hit submit. At the end of each service (online) we have a team available for 60 minutes to pray with you. Feel free to reach out at any time though also ;)

Need help at this time?

The last few weeks has been a real rollercoaster (lets be honest hey) it doesn't matter how new you are to Christianity or if you're been a Christian all your life, uncertain times create concern and make life hard.

If you're struggling right now, PLEASE DON'T DEAL WITH IT ALONE, we genuinely want to help, if nothing else we want to be there to comfort you and listen to your concerns.

If you have a need, be it physical or emotional, please reach out, this is us saying "we're here to help" and we mean it.

Use the form below to get in contact, we'll get one of our team to contact you asap.