The Value Of One


Vision Builders is about looking beyond ourselves and creating a future for our church, children and community. It is about refocusing on our desire to take ground and go after the lost, being prepared to journey with people no matter where they are at. It is about understanding that as we step out together and give to God with faith, sacrifice and commitment, we create an opportunity for God to transform lives, doing our part to reach and build our community for Christ.

As Senior Pastors, we want to thank you for your willingness to give in order that we all may celebrate the value of each and every person who is lost and we believe will be found.


Mirella & Shaun

please take the time to have a read through this years vision builders book

be part of the vision

What is the value of one to you? 

We are all blessed to be a part of something bigger than just us. At C3, we take this opportunity each year, to look beyond ourselves, and toward what can be achieved when we all stand together, committing to reach the one through a shared vision and passion.

As we step out together and give to God faithfully, sacrificially, and confidently, we create the opportunity for God to transform lives. Vision Builders is about each of us doing our part to reach the ones in our community, and build the Kingdom of God.


Over the course of June we will be unpacking more detail around Vision Builders 2019. During this time, we encourage you to be praying about what you would be able to contribute to see these projects and more fulfilled.


Consider how you will fulfil your commitment across the course of the next twelve months, whether in regular gifts via the offering, a one-off gift during the year, or through regular credit card deduction, which can be arranged on the pledge card.


Sunday the 30th of June will be our Pledge Sunday for Vision Builders 2019. This is where you are provided the opportunity to make your commitment by completing a commitment card. Alternatively, you can fill out the pledge card or the form at at anytime.


We believe in complete transparency when it comes to understanding how much money is given, and where it goes. During Vision Builders 2019, we will be presenting our annual financial snapshot on Sunday 23rd June during the service. As a member of C3, you are also welcome to make an appointment to view our audited financial records at the office at any time.

You can collect your pledge cards at any of our June services. If you'd like to make your first contribution on 30 June please complete the card and bring it with your pledge. You can also pledge online at C3H.LIFE or put the card in the offering bag anytime).

Would you like to pledge online? please fill in your details below

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