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C3 Kids Team

Looking after our little ones on a Sunday

Sunday Kids Team

Our C3 Kids team is a diverse group of people with a heart to walk the journey with kids and their families as they grow in their personal faith with Christ! As a team, we get to connect together and create a fun, colourful environment, where our kids are learning about the love of Jesus, as well as their identity as sons and daughters of God. 

No matter whether you're a uni student, a mum or a dad, a young adult or even an aspiring junior leader, there is a place for everyone! Whether you prefer to be in the rooms with the kids, or helping to check-in and engage with the families, you are welcome in our team!


Do I need any particular skills?

  • Nope - just a heart to serve and to enjoy hanging with kids! We have a place for everyone on our team, and we support you with programs, training, and whatever else you may need to feel confident when you're serving. 
  • You will need to obtain a 'Working With Vulnerable People' card, but if you don't have one already, we can walk you through and help you with getting it! 

When would I be needed?

  • Our team is flexible - you could serve for either the 9am or 11am service, or if you're super keen, you could do both services! Since we have two morning services, if you're not serving for both of them, we encourage you to attend the other service so that you don't miss out! 
  • When you're rostered on in the rooms, you'll need to arrive 15mins before the service. If you're helping with checking in our families, you'll need to get there 30mins before the service. 

How often?

  • This depends on you! We usually do one Sunday each month, but we can work with you to find a frequency that suits. 

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