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Host Team

Preparing for services and helping people feel at home

We serve in the hub because we are all called to use our gifts and talents to serve God and the church. We love connecting with new people and finding out their individual story and situation and helping them connect into the church family. We have all been the new person at church and there is nothing worse than wanting to connect but instead sneaking out the side door because we didn’t know who to approach or who to talk to.

-Richard & Kath

Our super host teams are a great bunch of people who get things ready for people to come and experience church.

Every Sunday, there is a Host team who cover all sorts of things, from moving furniture, unlocking doors, turning on heaters, welcoming, serving tea and coffee, talking to new people and more! Basically they will do anything to go the extra mile to show the love of Jesus.

Members of this team can be specialists or generalists...they can have a go at new roles every time or they can focus on one area that they are comfortable with.


When would I be needed?

  • This team generally covers from 8am - 11:15am on Sundays. However the nature of the role means that some people will be needed earlier and some later. All this can be figured out with the team leader based on your availability.

How often?

  • This team is broken up into 5 different mini teams each with a team leader. Each team serves once every 5 weeks (or there-abouts). You would be in a team with the same people each time so that you can get to know them and also have fun working together.

Do I need any particular skills?

  • Nope! You just need to be friendly and willing to help out.

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