Service Updates South Hobart 9am Service only + Huon Valley 2:30pm LIVESTREAMING TO YOUTUBE

Production Team

Lights, Camera, Sound, Screens


Everything that people hear at C3 Hobart runs through our Sound Team. They are the ones who ensure the music, messages and everything in between makes it safely into our ears. Their purpose is to work with the Worship Team and Communicators to ensure that the entire church experience has high-quality sound that supports the vision of C3 Hobart.


The lighting team play a significant role in the feel and vibe of our worship experience. Through lighting and visual effects they aim to create a comfortable distraction free environment for everyone in attendance. This is a great team for creative’s and those who like working with colours.


Our screens are most likely the most obvious things that people see when they enter our church auditorium. From visual effect, important church information, lyrics for the worship service to Bible verses throughout the service, overheads is a fantastic way to make a big impact on the entire service in a fairly simple way.


This operator provides the live-feed to the big screens! They require steady hands and a keen eye. This team makes sure that everyone can see what is happening during the service.


When would I be needed?

  • Most of the production team roles cover both the 9am and 11am services on a Sunday, so you would most likely need to be available from about 8am - 12noon (however some roles can be for just one service if needed - we can be flexible if needed)
  • Some people in this team are also sometimes involved in C3 Wednesday and also our Huon Valley location. This is not crucial. but welcomed if you are at all available to help in other areas.

How often?

  • About one Sunday per month

Do I need any particular skills?

  • It helps to have some experience or passion in any of the above areas, but if you don't have that but have plenty of willingness and are eager to learn - that's all you need.

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