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It is our desire to re-start meeting together as soon as we possibly as we can. We miss the connection, we miss each other and we miss the atmosphere of worshipping as a church family. The services will look different, yes, but that’s ok! There are many regulations that we need to follow and make work – but it’s worth the extra effort to keep people safe and to make it possible to be together again! Let’s face it, we are blessed to be in this position as a Country and indeed a State.

We will be restarting all of our services from Sun 19th July:

-       9am South Hobart

-       11am South Hobart

-       2:30pm Huon Valley

-       12 noon C3 Wednesday

-       Online service premiered at 9am Sunday for those unable to attend a physical service

During Stage 3 of the Government's plan, we have worked on a plan for this transitional period. So that we can control crowd sizes and only have limited people per area, and in order to enable everyone who would like to attend a physical service to do so - we need to have the whole congregation registered to attend one service time each week (for the whole of this next transitional season). For example, that means if you are a registered 9am attender in South Hobart, you need to stick to that time slot during this period and not swap to 11am one week. All services will be about 1 hour in length.

This will be in place until the next stage of Government restrictions are lifted and we can have more people together.

In South Hobart, we are working on the basis that we can have about 180 in the main auditorium and100 in the C3 Kids area (not that there would be that many). This meets the requirements as long as the groups of people remain separate.

C3 Wednesday would also be held in the main auditorium.

Huon Valley will have about 70 people able to attend. These details still need to be worked out with the school.


C3 Kids will remain operating in both 9am and 11am services in South Hobart.


If, for any reasons, you are unable to attend a physical service during this transitional period, we will continue to provide an online service.

From Sun 19th July, we will be creating an online service that premieres at 9am on our YouTube channel.

If you plan to stay online for a while longer, please also register "online" in the choices below so that we know and can best care for you.


We understand that it is an unusual time and these sorts of restrictions feel strange, but we are making sure we do our best to comply with Government regulations so that we can be together again, albeit in a different sort of way.

Church will also feel a bit different to when we left it in March. We will need to comply with 1.5m social distancing and the chairs will be spaced out to enable that, hand washing and sanitising will be a priority and people will need to stay away if sick etc.


As we have previously seen, regulations and expectations are likely to change and when/if they do, we will make changes and communicate as we are able to.

We will text you with your allocated service time at a later date and there will no doubt be more information to communicate to you as mid July gets closer.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and willingness to try something different at this time!


So, we invite you to register for your preferred service time. please fill in the form below.

We will do our best to accomodate your first choice, but will let you know closer to the date which service you can attend.

If you are available on a Wednesday at noon, please consider making C3 Wednesday your service for this period to free up space for others to attend Sundays. It is a great service and would help immensely in easing the numbers on a Sunday.


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