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Like to respond to Jesus right now?

Perhaps you've just watched a service online and you've got this urge to respond, something you just heard is really resonating deep inside, that's the Holy Spirit, it's telling you to take that next step.


Making a commitment to Jesus is a big deal, it's also a simple and life changing one.


Freedom from the guilt of sin, making a decision for Jesus is truly life changing. Below is a prayer that you can read out loud right now. This is a commitment between you and Jesus that you want to turn away from a life without Him and start a new life, an exciting life as a believer in Jesus.



"Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins, and rising from the dead to give me life. I repent of my sin and turn to you. Today I choose to follow you with all of my heart, for the rest of my life. I believe in you and declare that you are the leader and Lord of my life! Thank you for forgiving me and walking with me from this moment forward, Amen."



After you've prayed this prayer we encourage you to let us know, as we'd like to pray with you and help you along this wonderful journey of following Christ!


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