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Selah Sessions

An opportunity, beyond Sundays, to worship together in a smaller setting.

WHAT: An opportunity, beyond Sundays, to creatively worship together in a smaller, more intimate setting. When the term Selah appears in a psalm, the musicians paused, perhaps to take a breath, to sing a cappella, or to let the instruments play alone. These nights are designed to create a relaxed, safe environment to pause, reflect, praise, and lift up God in our lives.

WHO: Musicians, singers, and anyone else – you don't have to be able to sing or play to come along.

WHAT TO BRING: Some snacks to share, and an instrument if you have one otherwise just yourself!

WHERE: Margate area

WHEN: Once a month on a Wednesday 7:30pm

DURATION: 2-3 hours

Please sign up below for this group. You will be contacted by the connect group leader with further details.