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Snapshots of C3 Hobart

Sessions to discover who we are!

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Our church is big, there are lots of people and it can be difficult to find your feet at times. To help connect you to others and to give you all the useful information you need to become part of the family, we've created an ultra compact "this is us" for you or you and your family to be part of.

For just one week during the Sunday service, we'll get together with a bunch of people just like you, we'll share food and learn what's it's like to be part of this church family. We look at our values, our vision, what's happening in church life and how you can be part of it all, or just a little.

If you've been coming along now for a while or just visited for your first time, we encourage you to fill out the form below and be added to the waitlist for the next Snapshots in early 2022!