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The reason we can love and serve God is that He first loved and served us through Jesus Christ. The more we are aware of and experience God’s love in our own lives, the more prone we are to respond in love by serving Him.

In the New Testament, we are taught about how the church functions like a body – a living organism. A body functions best when every part of it is healthy; without eyes it cannot see, without feet it cannot stand. We are like parts of the body, unique and incredibly valuable. When we use what God has given to us – the body will be able to fulfill its purpose, which it to shine God’s light and love into our community. 

The C3 Team exists for people to be encouraged, empowered, and equipped in their purpose and it is here that you will find fulfillment in serving God and others. It may seem simple, but the seemingly smallest task can make a big difference in someone’s life, and it will create a domino effect so the city of Hobart and the Huon Valley will be impacted.

Our teams are simple to join and fun to serve on, and they are also flexible! So there will be a team for you. Most Sunday teams are sent rosters every two months, with most people serving around once a month (with people being able to request certain dates if needed). Our mid-week teams are often needs based and there is flexibility around times and days.   

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